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Is your to-do list getting too long? TaskRabbit, a San Francisco based startup company founded in 2008, offers a unique service that connects you to people in your neighborhood to outsource tasks to.

TaskRabbit hires “taskers” to complete everyday tasks including housekeeping, clerical work, repairs, and basically any errands you do not want to do. The hourly price for the task is completely transparent and with TaskRabbit you will have secure, cash-free payments.

Now, you may be hesitant to hire someone in your neighborhood for something as simple as folding your laundry or even standing in line for concert tickets. But, you should not be discouraged because each tasker goes through a very extensive vetting process before they join.

Another perk of TaskRabbit is their guarantee, which states that each tasker will strive to delight and deliver on every task, that each task is insured up to $1 million dollars, and that their member services team is available to help 24/7.

Check out TaskRabbit’s site to see if they are in your city. TaskRabbit currently operates in 19 cities which includes a few cities in which Gulf Coast Business Credit (GCBC) operates in. GCBC helps provide accounts receivable financing to a variety of customers, including startup companies. To learn more about GCBC, please call 866-577-8867 or email us at gcbcinfo@gulfbank.com.

Article Posted On: September 16, 2014

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