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IFA Appoints GCBC’s Meg Roberson to Advisory Board

IFA Appoints GCBC’s Meg Roberson to Advisory Board

Gulf Coast Business Credit (GCBC), the Factoring, Accounts Receivable Finance and Asset-Based Lending Division of Gulf Coast Bank & Trust Co. (GCB&T), is proud to announce that the International Factoring Association (IFA), the world’s largest association of commercial finance companies, has appointed GCBC’s Meg Roberson as a new Advisory Board member.

In her role as Senior Vice President and National Sales Manager, Meg Roberson manages a team of sales, underwriting and marketing leaders nationwide and is responsible for new, organic and acquisition originations as well as creating and maintaining a quality brand for Gulf Coast Business Credit.

“For almost 14 years, GCBC has greatly benefitted from Meg’s industry knowledge and unmatched work ethic,” said Wade Hladky, President & CEO of GCBC.  “We are excited for her to share those same strengths with the whole industry as an IFA Advisory Board Member.”

“We are excited to welcome Meg Roberson to the IFA Advisory Board,” added Bert Goldberg, Executive Director of the International Factoring Association.

Members of the IFA Advisory Board serve a two-year term and assist the IFA in broadening the public understanding of the uses and benefits of factoring and help to both design training programs and foster new ideas to benefit the IFA’s member organizations.

About Gulf Coast Business Credit

Gulf Coast Business Credit, a division of Gulf Coast Bank & Trust Co., is celebrating its 20th Anniversary this year as a leader in accounts receivable finance and asset based lending. GCBC offers asset based lending and accounts receivable finance solutions to small and middle market companies located throughout the country. Learn more at www.gulfcoastbc.com.

About International Factoring Association

Headquartered in Avila Beach, CA, with more than 450 corporate members, the International Factoring Association is the largest association of commercial finance companies in the world. Members include factoring companies, asset-based lenders and other receivables finance companies. Since 1999, the International Factoring Association has provided a forum for member organizations to meet and discuss issues and concerns, share best practices, disseminate information and promote a single voice to the marketplace. Learn more at www.factoring.org.

Article Posted On: July 22, 2020

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