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Service Providers

Gulf Coast Business Credit is proud to offer accounts receivable financing and asset-based lending to businesses in the service industry. We are ready to assist your company’s unique needs by enabling you to focus on growing your business rather than stressing about cash flow. This includes focusing on things such as payroll funding and new growth opportunities.

Why should you wait weeks or months to get paid for outstanding invoices? Gulf Coast Business Credit offers factoring services that are tailored for service providers’ specific needs. We are proud to offer same-day payment without a long-term contract.

GCBC has representatives available to serve clients nationwide.

A few benefits of factoring with GCBC:

  • Competitive pricing that is usually 50% lower than competitors
  • No monthly minimums
  • No long-term contracts
  • Professional and comprehensive accounts receivable finance and asset-based lending, including credit reviews and collection assistance upon request

Service Provider Case Study

  • Problem: A service company that provides virtual call centers with a unique business plan that utilizes call center agents who work from home came to Gulf Coast Business Credit for help with a new contract. This service company signed a contract with a telecommunications provider that requires them to hire, train and staff 250 home-based customer service representatives.
  • Solution: Since this immediate expenditure went beyond the financial scope of the service company’s traditional banking line of credit, they sought a factoring company to support them in this new contract. GCBC was able to partner with the service company’s bank to structure an arrangement where GCBC factored only the receivables of the new contract, providing a much needed instant cash flow enabling the service company to hire and train their new staff immediately.
  • Amount: Cash flow to hire, train and staff 250 home-based customer service representatives
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