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How Can Factoring Companies Assist Commercial Lenders?

How Can Factoring Companies Assist Commercial Lenders?

How can Factoring Companies assist Commercial Lenders?

As part of our Referral Rewards promotion, we'd like to take a moment to illustrate how Accounts Receivable Factoring companies can help Commercial Lenders retain their customers by offering complementary products.

STRESS CITY! Eduardo, a long-term customer, approaches his banker with a request for a $500,000 working capital line of credit for his business. Eduardo already maintains personal and commercial depository accounts with the bank in addition to a $1MM equipment loan. His banker wants to keep Eduardo happy but knows that due to a large concentration in accounts receivable combined with a high risk industry, the bank’s hands are tied.

GULF COAST BUSINESS CREDIT TO THE RESCUE! Eduardo’s banker must think strategically to lessen the blow of a turndown. Is there a complementary product out there that could work alongside the bank to give Eduardo what his company needs? GCBC swoops in to save the day!

PROBLEM SOLVED! Through a strategic partnership with GCBC, Eduardo’s bank maintains a long-standing customer relationship and provides him with a financial resource that will enable him to capitalize within his industry during a downturn.

Gulf Coast Business Credit is an accounts receivable factoring company providing commercial lenders with a solution that allows them to say “Yes” more frequently.  We partner with banks of all sizes throughout the country, offering referral programs designed to help institutions achieve growth through new accounts, non-interest income, higher profitability and increased client retention.

Our Referral Rewards campaign runs through March 16th! Send us a deal and we'll send you a Yeti Tundra 35 hard cooler with your favorite pro or college team's logo! To learn more, click here.

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