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How Freight Factoring for Transportation Companies Works

How Freight Factoring for Transportation Companies Works

What is freight factoring and how can it help trucking companies grow?

As part of our Freight Fast Track promotion, allow us to "illustrate" how freight bill factoring can help Transportation Companies overcome their industry-specific challenges and grow.

STRESS CITY! Mike’s trucking company is growing quickly. Weekly payroll for his drivers is expanding with each new load. Customers are paying in 35 days, so cash is TIGHT!

PROBLEM SOLVED! Gulf Coast Business Credit flies to the rescue. With Instant Approval and Same Day Funding, GCBC converts Mike’s accounts receivables into cash in no time!

THUMBS UP! Mike can pay his drivers and have enough cash flow to continue growing his business. Now that Mike has dependable cash flow, he is ready to expand his fleet from 3 trucks to 50!

Take advantage of our Freight Fast Track program today, offering Instant Approval, Same Day Funding, Waiving of First Month's Fees, and the Lower Rates and Increased Security of factoring with a bank.

Additionally, GCBC also offers Fuel Advances
and Fuel Cards powered by EFS. Carriers that sign up for both factoring and the fuel card program with GCBC will receive a promotional offer of $500.00 funded directly to their new GCBC fuel card account.*

Gulf Coast Business Credit specializes in accounts receivable financing for the Transportation Industry. We understand the unique challenges of the Freight Industry and can provide the financial support your company needs to help manage growth, take advantage of opportunities or help fund payroll. As a division of Gulf Coast Bank & Trust Company (“GCB”) we offer the best of both worlds: a bank relationship with the flexibility of a specialty lender. GCBC utilizes the GCB cost of capital and as a result, we are able to offer the most competitive rates in the industry. In addition to low rates, we pride ourselves mostly on service, fast, accurate and dependable service.  GCBC funds on approved invoices the same business day they are received. Add no monthly minimums, no long-term contract and no application fee and you begin to see why GCBC has the best program for Trucking professionals that are interested in accounts receivable financing.

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