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GCBC Attends Georgia Bankers Association Annual Meeting

GCBC Attends Georgia Bankers Association Annual Meeting

Gulf Coast Business Credit (GCBC)’s Stuart Wrba recently attended the Georgia Bankers Association (GBA) Annual Meeting June 21-24, in Palm Beach, Florida.

The GBA Annual Meeting is intended to bring together bankers and industry professionals throughout Georgia to discuss how to make their banks successful, as well as provide opportunities to connect with peers. GCBC attended this meeting in order to network with bankers and discuss how GCBC can help  bankers retain customers and stress less.  

To learn more about the GBA, please visit www.gabankers.com.

As a leading provider of accounts receivable financing, GCBC partners with banks of all sizes throughout the country to help bankers retain customers and achieve growth through new accounts. To learn why commercial lenders refer deals to GCBC, read our  latest roundtable discussion.

GCBC provides accounts receivable financing and asset based lending throughout the United States. To learn more about GCBC, contact us by phone at 866-577-8867, or by email at gcbcinfo@gulfbank.com.

Stuart Wrba is a Vice President of Business Development located in Atlanta, Georgia. To contact Stuart, email stuartwrba@gulfbank.com or call 678-456-5872.

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