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GCBC Attends 41st Annual Independent Bankers Association of Texas Convention

GCBC Attends 41st Annual Independent Bankers Association of Texas Convention

Gulf Coast Business Credit (GCBC)’s Robert James and Jeremy Talton recently attended the 41st Annual Independent Bankers Association of Texas (IBAT) Convention in Galveston, Texas September 19-22, 2015.

The 2015 Annual IBAT Convention attracted hundreds of community banking professionals from all over Texas. IBAT is comprised of over 2,000 community banks and branches in Texas, which makes it the largest state community banking organization in the nation. This year the convention featured sessions on topics such as succession planning, community development, merger and acquisition trends, cybersecurity, and compensation strategies.

As a leader in accounts receivable factoring and asset based lending throughout the United States, GCBC attended the convention to stay informed with current industry trends and network with industry professionals. During the convention, GCBC even gave away a Yeti Cooler to a banker who had visited their booth!

If you would like to learn more about the IBAT, please visit www.ibat.org.

GCBC owes much of its success to bank referral sources. Bankers refer companies to GCBC that may include one or more of the following characteristics:  high growth, concentrated debtors, lack of history, negative net worth, historical losses and companies in high risk industries. Typically these companies cannot get approved for a traditional line of credit.  For more information, please phone: 866-577-8867 or email: gcbcinfo@gulfbank.com.

GCBC has production offices located in Colorado, Georgia, Louisiana Oklahoma and Texas. GCBC is able to provide hassle free financial support to companies of all sizes. To help inform bankers of current promotions, specials, and issues the accounts receivable finance industry faces, GCBC formed a bank referral sources group on LinkedIn. Click here to join this group. 

Robert James is a Business Development Officer located in Denver, Colorado. You can contact Robert by emailing robertjames@gulfbank.com or calling 720-277-0322.

Jeremy Talton is a Business Development Officer located in Houston, Texas. You can contact Jeremy either by emailing jeremytalton@gulfbank.com or calling 713-579-4001.

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