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Community Banker Refers Louisiana Based Marine Electrical Services Company to GCBC

Community Banker Refers Louisiana Based Marine Electrical Services Company to GCBC

Gulf Coast Business Credit (GCBC)’s Adam Landry recently funded a $2,000,000 working capital facility for a Louisiana based marine electrical services company that was referred by a Louisiana community banker.

The marine electrical services company does electrical construction and repairs on ships for major shipyard companies.  The company was growing very quickly with one particular customer and eventually it became a concentration issue for their bank.  Their bank wasn’t able to give them the availability they needed to bring on the new work, so the banker introduced the company to GCBC.  GCBC was able to “carve out” their largest customer and give them full availability on the receivables.  The referring bank kept the rest of the lending relationship while allowing GCBC to take on the risk.  

GCBC is an accounts receivable finance firm providing commercial lenders with a solution that allows them to say “Yes” more frequently.  We partner with banks of all sizes throughout the country, offering referral programs designed to help institutions achieve growth through new accounts, non-interest income, higher profitability and increased client retention.

Gulf Coast Business Credit is kicking the summer off with a Referral Rewards program to acknowledge those who’ve helped shape our business! If you send GCBC a deal before July 31st, and that deal closes before 2017, we will send you a Yeti Tundra 35 cooler!

Adam Landry is a Business Development Officer located in Lafayette, Louisiana. You can contact Adam either by emailing adamlandry@gulfbank.com or calling 337-443-4140. You can contact GCBC by phone at 866-577-8867, or by email at gcbcinfo@gulfbank.com. GCBC has production offices located in Colorado, Georgia, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas.

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